HIDs have been viewed by the general public as "something only expensive sports cars come from the factory with", but what was once only a stock vehicle option is now available for any automobile, utv, dirt bike, snowmobile etc.  Thats right, your vehicle of choice can be outfitted with a HID Kit that will not only help you see the road better at night, but help alert you of animals and other road hazards.  People who drive frequently during the night know how difficult of a task it is to simply make it home safely.  From deer to pot holes or even small children, HID Kits can help light the way to ensure you have ample time to slow down or avoid hitting the obstruction. 

Don't wait for your HID Lighting, act now and help ensure your safety as well as your families safety.  Also, please keep in mind that the higher the kelvin the lower the visibility, example is the 10k is not as bright as the 8k for visibility and so on.  Here at Extreme HIDs our goal is to be your one stop light shop.  Please keep in mind that we have been in the lighting business for 12years, so if you have a question please email or call us and one of our trained staff will be more than happy to assist.  Let us help get your vehicle outfitted with Extreme HIDs!    



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Our Xenon HID Conversion Kits are all retrofitted virtually so that you won’t have to make any modifications to your vehicle.  Variety of options- that is what you gain by doing business with Extreme Hids. You get to choose from eight different types of bulbs that can be used to replace your halogen headlights and fog lights. Moreover, you also get the chance to change your ordinary looking headlights with eye-catching HID lighting which comes in thirteen different colors such as OEM white, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink and Yellow to name a few. Make use of the best deals on HID kits from us and see the sparkling difference!